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IT Support Services

At Performance Support we support your IT, technology warranties and industry specific systems as part of our continuing commitment to provide you with a superior alternative.

Performance Support’s hardware & software maintenance service provides a comprehensive array of support services to assist in the repair of all types of branded and unbranded Server, Desktop, Laptop & Peripherals including Monitors and Printers.
The Services are designed to meet the budgetary demands of all customers from Large Enterprises to Small set-ups.


Performance Support understand the fact that budgetary often plays a major part in IT resourcing decisions, the advantages of IT outsourcing become more obvious and attractive for the government and non-government organizations.

However, what many of those organizations fail to realize is that without proper planning and qualification consideration IT outsourcing can have far reaching implications, not just in HR scenarios, but also the sudden and immediate loss of business knowledge and requires rebuild and re-learn.

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